Steel Doors

Metalshape Steel Doors are also made from CRC Sheets. In between two sheets a length of honeycomb paper board is packed to give solidity to the door. and all doors are fittled with all purpose mortise locks. They also come in a variety of colors to match any decor.

DSC4086.jpg DSC2886-Medium.jpg DSC2911.jpg DSC3960.jpg panel-door.jpg high-security-door.jpg
DSC2833ddddd-Medium.jpg DSC2855-Medium.jpg DSC2892-Medium.jpg DSC2853-Medium.jpg DSC2908.jpg paneled-doors-with-wire-mesh.jpg
DSC3933.jpg grooved-doors.jpg DSC2878-Medium.jpg stainless-steel-doors.jpg DSC2896.jpg door-cum-ventilator.jpg
DSC3954.jpg DSC3927.jpg DSC4089copy.jpg DSC2834dddddd-Medium.jpg DSC3940.jpg DSC4095.jpg

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